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Creating Disney Magic

Discovering ways that your family can create their own magic will transform your Disney vacation into an enchanting Disney adventure that your children will never forget! Creating Disney magic is easier than you think!


One time when my baby duck and I were vacationing at Disney by ourselves, she had an amazing idea; she wrote a note that read “Your wish is on me.” and placed it on the side of Cinderella’s fountain along with several pennies. We then found a place in the distance where we could sit and watch. Some guests took a picture, others pointed out the note and pennies to people around them, and a few just picked up a penny and made a wish. One sweet lady was emotional and teary-eyed as she read the note. Every person responded differently to the act of kindness and the experience was unforgettable!


Creating Disney Magic, Going Out The Door


The characters have a demanding job. They are required to constantly smile, take an interest in every person, and create lasting memories for the gazillion daily guests! Why not return the favor and create some magic for them? Present small gifts such as handmade pictures, jewelry (like macaroni necklaces), or candy. The cast is not allowed to keep expensive items so keep your tokens simple. The important thing is to provide an opportunity for your family to do something nice for someone else. Spreading magic is fun for even the smallest of Disney visitors.


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It’s my Party!

Disney provides their guests with free personalized buttons celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, the last chemo treatment, or anything your heart desires to celebrate. When you spot people wearing buttons, it is fun to call them by name and offer congratulations. Little princes and princesses love this, especially when they are dressed up and addressed as their character. For example, ‘Happy Birthday, Cinderella’!


Creating Disney Magic, Going Out The Door


When you see a family taking a group photo, offer to take it for them so everyone can be in the shot. My favorite way of creating Disney magic is to photobomb other people’s pictures. Smiling, of course!


Creating Disney Magic, Going Out The Door

You light up my life!

Papa Bear LOVES to take our little ones shopping for fun light up toys for the parade which is a big deal for him and them. However, when you are staying seven nights and have 6 grands, the light up money runs out very quickly. We buy plenty of glow sticks at the dollar store before we leave home and our grands have a great time to share with other children! You can also buy light up disney themed bubble wands at department stores like Walmart.


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Flying Solo

When you notice a single guest in line for a ride, invite them to be part of your group, share seats, and make a new friend!


Creating Disney Magic, Going Out The Door

Blooming Surprise

Our biggest surprise came when someone sent flowers to us at Disney World. Our plane had been canceled and we were stuck at the airport with no hope of getting to our Disney family trip before it ended. Out of thousands of people stranded that day, we met the sweetest couple ever. After twenty-four hours, we managed to get a plane to Orlando just in time to make our family dinner reservation at Ohana. To our total surprise, a beautiful bouquet of flowers decorated the table when we arrived, sent by our new friends! A month later, I ran into the husband again at a different airport while on my way to a work convention. It really is a small world after all.


Creating Disney Magic, Going Out The Door

Thank you to my sweet airport friends for the flowers. We will never forget you!

The Disney parks offer many opportunities for your little ones to share their giving hearts. Taking the extra time and effort to create your own magic while planning your Disney trip will truly be an exciting and remarkable experience for your family!

P.S.  After posting this blog my Disney loving friend Amanda Wilbourn shared her family’s magical activity.  Here is her description:

“My kids spend every day at Disney taking note of cast members who go above and beyond to create magic, help us out, or just engage them in conversation.  At the end of the day, we go to City Hall and film out exemplary service forms for each cast member.  We love this tradition and it’s almost like a treasure hunt for the kids.  They are actively focused on finding the good in other people and ‘rewarding’ them for it.”

She suggests that when you do this remember exactly where they were working, what time of day it was and be sure and get their name. Thank you, friend Amanda for sharing your awesome tradition of creating Disney magic. If you enjoy visiting with other Disney friends, please join us on Going Out The Door Disney Facebook page.

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Disney Grad Night H2O


One of the hardest things about high school graduation is leaving the security of home and school and going in a different direction than your friends. Disney World has created a spectacular island party, Disney Grad Nite H2O, which will send you and your classmates off with a splash!   


Typhoon Lagoon Water Park will host the first ever Disney Grad Nite H20 2017. The attraction is the second most visited water park in the world and Disney turns on the magic to create the beach party of a lifetime! Pass through thundering waterfalls, tube down Mayday Falls, slide under bridges and through caves or experience a Hawaiian roller coaster ride in North America’s largest wave pool, Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool.  


The Typhoon Lagoon experience is exclusive to groups of ten or more high school graduating seniors and their chaperones. This party is sure to go down in “history, history, history… of course.”

When does the party start?

This once-in-a-lifetime incredible party will be held on April 7, 21 and 28, 2017 from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. The celebration begins after normal park hours as high school seniors converged on the incredible island of paradise! A special ticket is required for this event.

Event Includes:

  •     DJ dance parties
  •     Disney character meet-and-greets
  •     Food and a commemorative souvenir  mug with unlimited drinks
  •     Option to purchase a specially priced Walt Disney World Theme Park ticket 
  •    Splash Back bonus visit—a complimentary return to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon    Water Park and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park one day over the next year!


Complete the Disney celebration and add a special Walt Disney World Theme Park ticket. 

“We’re always looking for ways to help guests celebrate their special milestones, and we know our guests like to celebrate their high-school graduation at Walt Disney World Resort,” said Andrea Finger, a Walt Disney World spokeswoman. “With this in mind, we are reimagining this special event and introducing a new way for high school seniors to celebrate their achievements with friends and classmates.”  

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Disney: Going to the Dogs

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Disney made a landmark announcement on 13 October 2017; four of the 26 resort hotels would now accept dogs!

Going Out The Door, Disney going to the dogs, Disney World

Eight weeks later while my family was visiting the parks for the holidays, it was apparent that Disney was barking up a huge tree. As we walked around the parks, I was blown away by just how many dogs there were. Even though they are welcome in the hotel, they are only supposed to be in the park if they are working. We saw as many dogs without vests as we saw with vests and the overall number of dogs was huge compared to previous trips.  Dog Rules

Going Out The Door, Disney going to the dogs, Disney World 2


Special Reservations

Guests who would like to bring their pets must make a special reservation at one of the following resorts and pay a NIGHTLY cleaning fee.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $50/night
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort $75/night
Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort $50/night

Each of the above resorts has designated floors and sections of the hotel for our furry friends with easy access to outdoor pet walkways and green spaces for relief. This provides protection for other guests who may have allergies.


Going Out The Door, Disney going to the dogs, Disney World 3


Pluto’s Welcome Kit

True to Disney flare, your four-legged family member will receive a special welcome kit from Pluto upon check in! Pet gear can be purchased at the parks and a full-service pet daycare is also available for a fee.


Doggone It!

We found it interesting to hear the comments of other guests concerning the dogs. One lady had two little furry friends in the basket of her scooter and when children would come near or try to pet them, they were yappy and nippy. This was an unfortunate situation on a crowded street at the Magic Kingdom.

Guests love their pets and want them around. Honestly, I get it! But do dogs really enjoy walking sixteen miles a day in the heat? They are not allowed to be left alone while on rides, during a show, or in the bathroom. Overall, how would a dog benefit from the Disney experience? I suppose a paw graph from Pluto would be a highlight!


Going Out The Door, Disney going to the dogs, Disney World 4


Pluto’s Pet Manners

Some manners to consider when preparing your pet for a Disney vacation.

  •     No runnin’ around people’s feet
  •     No relievin’ yourself on the grass in the hub
  •     No yappin’
  •     No nippin’

The Dog Days of Disney

I am a dog liking, kid loving, Disney crazy person and while I struggle to believe that dogs really enjoy the parks, it was sure a hoot to watch!

I couldn’t help note the similarity of human children and fur babies when they were in the public setting of the most magical place on earth.   Some of them walk happily with their parents and some of them run willy-nilly out of control.  Whether dogs or children, there were instances when I thought to myself “that looks ruff!”


Going Out The Door, Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Bobby and Angie on Main Street USA!
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