Disney made a landmark announcement on 13 October 2017; four of the 26 resort hotels would now accept dogs!

Going Out The Door, Disney going to the dogs, Disney World

Eight weeks later while my family was visiting the parks for the holidays, it was apparent that Disney was barking up a huge tree. As we walked around the parks, I was blown away by just how many dogs there were. Even though they are welcome in the hotel, they are only supposed to be in the park if they are working. We saw as many dogs without vests as we saw with vests and the overall number of dogs was huge compared to previous trips.  Dog Rules

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Special Reservations

Guests who would like to bring their pets must make a special reservation at one of the following resorts and pay a NIGHTLY cleaning fee.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort $50/night
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort $50/night
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort $75/night
Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort $50/night

Each of the above resorts has designated floors and sections of the hotel for our furry friends with easy access to outdoor pet walkways and green spaces for relief. This provides protection for other guests who may have allergies.


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Pluto’s Welcome Kit

True to Disney flare, your four-legged family member will receive a special welcome kit from Pluto upon check in! Pet gear can be purchased at the parks and a full-service pet daycare is also available for a fee.


Doggone It!

We found it interesting to hear the comments of other guests concerning the dogs. One lady had two little furry friends in the basket of her scooter and when children would come near or try to pet them, they were yappy and nippy. This was an unfortunate situation on a crowded street at the Magic Kingdom.

Guests love their pets and want them around. Honestly, I get it! But do dogs really enjoy walking sixteen miles a day in the heat? They are not allowed to be left alone while on rides, during a show, or in the bathroom. Overall, how would a dog benefit from the Disney experience? I suppose a paw graph from Pluto would be a highlight!


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Pluto’s Pet Manners

Some manners to consider when preparing your pet for a Disney vacation.

  •     No runnin’ around people’s feet
  •     No relievin’ yourself on the grass in the hub
  •     No yappin’
  •     No nippin’

The Dog Days of Disney

I am a dog liking, kid loving, Disney crazy person and while I struggle to believe that dogs really enjoy the parks, it was sure a hoot to watch!

I couldn’t help note the similarity of human children and fur babies when they were in the public setting of the most magical place on earth.   Some of them walk happily with their parents and some of them run willy-nilly out of control.  Whether dogs or children, there were instances when I thought to myself “that looks ruff!”


Going Out The Door, Disney World, Magic Kingdom

Bobby and Angie on Main Street USA!
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