Author: Angie Harris

Attacking adventures, searching for amazing food, and finding new friends.  Home in Branson, MO, or exploring Disney, I am searching for deals, finding new experiences, and sharing stories along the way.

The Presleys’ Country Jubilee, what a hoot!

The Entertainment Formula

Oh my goodness, the Presleys’ Country Jubilee, what a hoot!   It’s been over 50 years since the Presley family began their musical journey on the strip in Branson, MO.  Although I have seen this show several times, their entertainment formula keeps me coming back for more.  

The Main Ingredient is Comedy

Gary Presley sets the stage as Herkimer.   He has held this role for over 50 years and perfected it—but the funny sets in tight when his son takes the stage (Eric Presley) as Cecil.  The two feed off each other, and frankly, it’s comedy genius.  There are so many times that you do not know for sure, is that scripted, or are they just ad-libbing?  Either way, I am so invested I fell for it.  Seeing these two in action would be worth the total ticket price.  But, if you are lucky, you will see the third generation.  (Ben Presley, son of Eric) as Little Cecil.  When Little Cecil rolls onto the scene, it is… game, set match!  Obviously, they are family, love each other, and have committed to picking on each other for a lifetime. It works!  The cast all chime in as the comedy choir to push this dynamic trio into hysterics.

This generational gift varies from eyebrow popping and soda spewing to mouth dropping.  Most of the time, you never see it coming.  Sometimes it makes you ask, “did they just say that?”. 

They are hands down the funniest and most entertaining team in all comedy. 

They Bring Out The Music In You

The Presleys are committed to their tradition and stay right on the mark with their music choices.  They are country, gospel, patriotic, and mostly, songs we all know the lyrics to and want to sing.  The family has surrounded themselves with true musicians who can play many instruments and sing.  It’s such a mixed feeling for me.  The cast is over the top professional, but when they sing, it’s like you are sitting in your home surrounded by friends who blow you out of the water.  When you look around, everyone is singing with the cast, and you can see the nostalgia in their eyes.  It’s like the entertainers draw you into their world.  

The Costumes

Ok ladies, as they say, I bet that dress makes a heck of a noise in the dryer!   Wow, this cast is blinged up!  They have the traditional suit/ performer costumes they all wear (with a ton of bling attached) that are traditional.  When they feature the individual performers, they get to shine in their own choices, and everyone in the building notices!  I catch myself waiting for the next dress, shoes, boots, earrings, or jacket.  The costumes are on the mark with their tradition… and over the mark with wow! 

Things You Won’t Find At the Presleys’ Country Jubilee

This show is not over-produced; very few dance moves, no low spots, and no stress.  It’s obvious they all get along and love what they do.  The focus of Presleys’ Country Jubilee is the music, the comedy, and the cast.  When all these elements are in play, it makes sense that they connect to the audience.  

If I had to play favorites and say what I loved the most, it would be for sure, the comedy team. But, a close second would be the voice of Ambrus Presley and Greg Presley on the harmonica. It truly is a winning formula.

I highly recommend purchasing a season pass and seeing the Presley family every time you are in Branson.  Then you can be a part of the Presley family entertainment tradition.

Haunted Silver Dollar City

Have you heard about the haunted Silver Dollar City?

Every year when there are pumpkins in the city, the fall colors show in all their glory, and the air grows crisp, the ghosts of Silver Dollar City are allowed to roam the hills.

Each morning there are three grand ghosts who have the privilege of welcoming the guests and opening the park.  Granted not ALL guests can see them but those who have, share quite the tale.

Silver Dollar City Pumpkin Tree

The Scoundrel Clarence

These three lovely ladies, Mamaw Mabel, Grandma Minnie, and Aunt Emma have spent seven generations watching over the crafters and all of the citizens of the city.  They of course have a vested interest. Their great grands are all citizens.  But, in 2020 there’s a new ghost in town.  One especially irritating haint, Uncle Clarence who does nothing but causes everyone grief!

Pumpkins at Silver Dollar City

Mamaw Mabel

Mamaw Mabel is a good ghost who spent most of her life throwing parties. She is the socialite of the group.  One day she was flying around the candy store while Miss June Ward her granddaughter was making candy and telling stories to the guests.   That scoundrel haint Clarence snuck right in and put out the fire under the copper kettle.  Mamaw Mabel jumped in lickity split and lit the fire back up.  She then proceeded to chase that good for nothing, miscreant, Clarence all the way past the pumpkins into Echo Hollow.  It caused quite the stir for those who could see the entire incident. 

Pumpkin decorations at Silver Dollar City

Grandma Minnie

Grandma Minnie is a hard-working ghost.  She can knit, crochet, or doing anything with fibers.  By the time Minnie was 15, she was making aprons, bonnets, and trousers for people all over the county.  

Every year when she returns to Silver Dollar City she’s assigned to watch over the craftsmen… and one special grand, Frisco Jack.  

After that rascal, Clarence had been chased into Echo Hollow he needed something else to disturb.  Frisco Jack was down in the Frisco Barn Makers‘ Market.  He was singing a story to the guests when that ne’er-do-well Clarence snuck into the barn.  He quickly eyed a beautiful light fixture above the head of Jack and immediately laughed at the thought.  He’d give that boy a story to sing about!

Frisco Barn Maker's Market at Silver Dollar City

Thank goodness Grandma Minnie was listening to her grand whilst doing some knitting.  She immediately threw one of her knitting needles just like a firey arrow!  Whew, with seconds to spare that needle flew through the barn and plunged straight through the hand of Clarence.  It surprised him enough to stop what he was doing, make eye contact with Grandma Minnie, and thwart his plan.  He knew he was in for trouble as she began to chase him out of the barn and pass the pumpkin carver.  He was plumb into the Exposition area before he got far enough away from her that he could catch his breath.

Pumpkin Cat at Silver Dollar City

Aunt Emma

Aunt Emma is everyone’s favorite ghost.  She loves to cook and she loves to feed everyone.  Back in 1880, she was the head cook for the miners.  Men would come from all around to have breakfast with the beautiful Emma.  They would beg her to run off with them and be their wife.  But, Aunt Emma had been in love with a young miner who lost his life before they were able to wed.  Her heart was never free again.  

As a young girl, she would wake early so she’d have time to bake big o’ yeast rolls layered with cinnamon and sugar and topped with powder sugar icing.  “Ever’ mornin’ should feel like Christmas mornin’ before you head into the mines.”  Aunt Emma would always say to the boys.  

Fall treats were her favorite and on the same day that cranky o’ Clarence was messing with the other ghosts, he showed up at the bakery.  Sitting back he quietly watched as Aunt Emma stood over the whoopee pies, the cinnamon rolls, and the hot apple cider.  

Love in the Hainted Hills

For the first time that day, Clarence was completely peaceful and quiet.  The familiar smell had drawn him to that part of the park but when she spun around he turned white as a ghost!  Was it really her?  His Emma?  He floated closer and she must’ve seen him out the corner of her eye.  She froze still as he moved closer.  



He gathered her in his arms and the two began to cry.  After 140 years they had finally found each other again.  Clarence had gone into the mine with a piece of Christmas in his hand and the thought that ‘come payday, he was gonna buy that girl a ring’.  Only, he never made it out.  

Aunt Emma and Clarence reminisced as they went to the entrance of the Marvel Cave.  Emma smiled as she pointed to her brother’s grand boy Gene.  He was the official greeter to the city and she had come year after year to watch over him.  

Then the question came to her mind.  “Clarence, why did you get to come to Silver Dollar City this year?”  Laughing he said, “My sister Sarah use to pick on me something awful.  So, I thought I’d keep up the family tradition.  That man over there is always just walking around and talking to people.  Doesn’t seem to be doing much so I thought I’d keep him on his toes.  He’s my sisters grand, Brad Thomas.”

Pumpkin Owl at Silver Dollar city

Ghosts for Christmas?

It was time for the ghosts to meet up at the Time Traveler and make their way back to the other side when something went terribly wrong.  The portal was closed!  Now our three friendly ghosts and the incorrigible Clarence are stuck in 2020 with the rest of the world.  This year there will be a new meaning to An Old Time Christmas!

Silver Dollar City's 60th Anniversary

A Spoonful of Energy in 2020

Spoons measure energy

I’ll take a spoonful of energy, please. How many times have you started your day by taking inventory of your spoons?  The spoon theory describes mental and physical energy and helps us understand why we do or don’t do certain things.  Basically, a spoon is a unit of energy. 

2020 has been a spoon thief since early March.  Unknowingly, it slipped in and took many things that we hold dear and sometimes take for granted—most of all, our sanity.

A Thief in the Night

Sleep is the time that we replenish our inventory of spoons.  The spoon inventory may not have time to completely rebuild if you are sick, up and down with a small child, or so stressed you cannot shut your brain down.  

Let’s assume your body is healthy with zero pain, you slept for a solid 8 hours, and your mind was without stress.   You get to start your day with a full complement of 12 spoons. 

You are wearing me slick!

In 2020 we found out what it would be like if the entire world was emotionally compromised at the very same time. COVID 19, a worldwide pandemic, seemed to pull out the very best in all of us.  Love and support were felt across the globe.  Well, for at least 30 days.   But, after a few months, the hand holding stopped, the songs of love changed, and the scramble for spoons began.  

Social media became the place nightmares are made of.  Perfectly healthy, normal people could lose 12 spoons in one hour of social media viewing.  People have lost family relationships and life long careers over posts and comments on social media.  

Here are a few things that might take spoons.

  • Making breakfast and then doing the dishes
  • Paying bills (this can take all 12 of my spoons if I have to stop and write checks!)
  • Doing laundry
  • Making phone calls about bills
  • Filing for unemployment
  • Filling out paperwork 
  • Putting gas in the car
  • Reading comments on social media 

Looking for Spoons

Where do we go to find more spoons?  There are a million different places that give away spoons, and it’s different for every individual.  The most important tool is to recognize that you need more spoons and running low or running out.

Some places to locate spoons.

  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Music
  • Serving others
  • Holding a pet
  • Create a positive and comfortable work/ living space
  • Church
  • Plenty of solid sleep

Giving Spoons

Some spoons lie on the ground, and they need someone to pick them up and hand them to the person who dropped them.  We might think the only way to give someone a spoon is to give them one of our own.  The truth is, some people take your spoons without asking.  You need to identify those people and put a stop to it.  Here are a few ways to help people gather their own spoons.

  • Make a phone call and listen.
  • Gift them a book or something you love
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Text them 
  • Send them a handwritten note.
  • Make cookies

When you do these things, do it with them in mind and love in your heart.  Don’t think about what else you could/ or should be doing.  When you add love to the action, it replenishes your spoons instead of taking them away. 

Hanging on to Spoons

Sometimes it is much easier not to give up your spoons in the first place.  Limit your interactions with people who are takers.  Choose your friends from those who are loving, kind, and supportive.  Identify the things that cause you to stress and limit how long and when you are in that situation.  It seems that the pandemic has caused a chain reaction of events that have been thrown at us like poop to a fan.  Many of you are dealing with a lack of funds, bills piling up, kids at home doing school, and paperwork out the wazoo.  So, where do you get enough spoons to apply for a job?  

Work Takes Spoons

If you have a companion, take turns handling the ugly.  Do you know what I am talking about?  The bills, the school, the internet that is not working, the broken water heater, or the phone calls.  One person takes a day or even an hour where you can use your spoons to apply for a new job, create a new side hustle, or look for spoons for the entire family!  If there is a big project at work coming up, prepare for it.  You can save spoons for days in advance.  

Create a Spoons Savings Account

There are several things I do NOT do every day, even though I desperately want to.  I LOVE mowing the grass.  I wait until the moment in the day that I know I have to get out of the house, and I need the extra spoons.  

Ice cream!  I could end every single day with a bowl, but I have to limit that as well.   You know what things help you.  Plan them out so that you can look forward to them.  


Having something to look forward to ads a ton of spoons.  In another life, traveling, family get-togethers, conventions, church, and social gatherings dotted our calendars.  COVID has stolen that as well.  In our house, we have changed our way of thinking.  We now plan excitement.  Game night, grocery store runs, take out, and even going to the convenience store for gas and soda pop.  Amazon deliveries are high on the list.  A new book, a new seasoning, or my new favorite, clear plastic organizing containers.  

Here’s a small list of happy things to put on your calendar.

  • Walks with friends
  • New Books/ trips to the library
  • New Recipe day for dinner
  • Movie night with the family
  • Screen Black Out Days

Magic Spoons

There’s a one-way spoon that is like hitting the jackpot or going bankrupt.  Love!  Giving or withholding unconditional love is like a roll of the dice.  When someone is supposed to love you, and they don’t.  It can rob you of all your physical and emotional energy.  It isn’t easy to replace these spoons.  Some people chase this their entire life.  

The one way to help replace those spoons is to love those around you unconditionally.  Once you begin to live your life-giving this kind of love, your spoons will multiple, and you will be rich in many ways.  

Loading the Dishwasher

My take away from 2020 is STOP STEALING MY SPOONS!  I see you!  I will not let you take my hope.   Friends, get out your calendar and schedule things that give your spoons back.  Love those around you and remove the toxic.  When all else fails, it’s ok to take the day off. “Stick a fork in me; I am done!”