There’s something unique about surprise Disney vacations. Giving your family a surprise is always delightful. From bringing home someone a bottle of their favorite soda to surprising your whole family with a special vacation. You can feel the joy of their excited reactions. My parents have surprised us a few times with trips to Walt Disney World in Florida. Something I love to talk about with anyone who will listen is how I want to surprise my own family when I have a husband and children

Now that you’ve cleaned the house, what are you going to do next?!

The classic question. The Iconic, “What are you going to do next?” That I always want to answer with “I’m going to Disney World!”. I love to imagine this turned around onto my husband or children. Maybe turning on a Disney movie, or a cd and making it a game. Saying if we can get the whole house clean I’ll give them a surprise. Getting the house as clean and ready as we could in the set time period and then at the end showing them a commercial where they ask the question. Then turning and asking them, “What do you want to do next?” And then packing them and loading them in the car to go to Disney!

We’re supposed to go when??

If you have a hard time keeping secrets and want to include the kids in the planning, then tell them a date further out than you really plan to go. Make plans with them as the days come up to book your fast passes, make dining reservations, or pick out the hotel you want to stay in. Then while you are waiting one day say, “I don’t want to wait till (date you had said you’re going to Disney), Why don’t we just go today?” And then when they say ‘yeah let’s go’ you just pack up and go for a wonderful surprise that they still got to be a part of.

Doin’ what comes naturally!

Going Out the Door Disney, Princess Wands

For some kids, they are so little that everything is very exciting. Their first plane ride, their first long car trip, their first roller coaster? It can be a bit overwhelming. But if you take everything one at a time and make them into little fun surprises all along the way you get to see that excited face over and over again. Telling a child you’re going to Disney World can be confusing, or frustrating because they don’t understand what it is or how travel works. Enjoy the little things let things happen naturally. Any Disney trip can be a surprise Disney vacation at this age.

Surprise, Surprise!

Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios, Going Out The Door, Fireworks

The most surprising thing of all is always going to be how you find new experiences and friends at the park. Magic comes from meeting new people, exploring new places, and trying new things. Make your plans, prepare for excitement, and enjoy the process. That it is a surprise Disney trip is just an extra cherry to your vacation. You are sure to love the time you have with your family.