About Us

About Us


Join us as we go out the door to explore the beauty and sounds of Branson, MO. Along with some endearing friends, we will take you to see world-class Branson shows, play at fun-filled one-of-a-kind attractions, and of course, we will grab a bite to eat.


We also tackle the most magical place on earth, Disney World, in Orlando, Florida. Our family makes plans and reservations, and sometimes, we fly by the seat of our pants. We are a Disney family that rides, shops, and eats Disney-style. We take time to share what went well and what did not. The most magical place on earth is one of our favorite playgrounds.

Going Home

There’s no place like home! Traveling is fun, but the garden is still growing back at home, the basics of life are piling up, and there’s always an adventure! Food, recipes, and how to save a buck are high on our list.

We are going out the door. Who’s going with us?