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Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede

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Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede came to Branson in 1995, causing quite a buzz in the city. Over twenty years later, visitors are still stampeding the doors!

Dixie Stampede embraces Ozark hospitality and wholesome family entertainment. Fantastic food, rousing music, rugged loggers, beautiful and brave horse riders, and impressive animals combine to create nearly two hours of thrilling adventure!
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Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, Going Out The Door

The Famous Horse Walk

Arrive early to meet the stars of the show! The thirty-two top performers are beautiful quarter horses, palominos, appaloosas, and paint breeds and each rider has a special and unique relationship with his or her horse. My husband, Bobby, was a rider in the early years and I love his stories!

Bobby had a routine of giving his horse, Dakota, treats at certain times of the day as did the other riders. A horse named Lucky was in the next stall and every time he got a treat, he would brag to Dakota. As you can imagine, this did not make Dakota happy and he would turn his back on Lucky, swish his tail, and stomp his foot. Guests can sense the distinct personality of each horse as they take their time walking along the famous horse walk!


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Carriage Room Pre-Show

A brand new pre-show is scheduled to open February 24th for the 2017 season! Look for more information soon.



The four-course suppertime feast at Dixie Stampede consists of a biscuit, creamy vegetable soup, an entire rotisserie chicken, hickory smoked pork loin, corn on the cob, potato wedges, apple turnover, and all the Pepsi products guests can drink from a mason jar. Yummy! Utensils are not used so be sure to ‘wash up’ before suppertime.


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Showtime at the Dixie Stampede

The arena is 30k square feet of dustless white sand! The audience and riders are separated into two groups representing the north and south for some friendly competition. Audience members participate in a lively chicken race and horseshoe throwing contest and Skeeter, the hilarious stagehand, keeps guests in stitches!


Going Out The Door Branson, Dolly Parton's Stampede

Dixie Stampede Family Suite

Keep the excitement of this fun event during your entire Branson stay at the Stone Castle Resort & Conference Center in the Dixie Stampede Family Suite! The cheery lodging was designed by the Dixie cast and features a private bedroom with a queen-sized bed, large bathroom with double sinks and spacious jetted tub, plus a living area with a comfortable sofa sleeper for the little broncos. There is plenty of room for a rollaway bed for any extra wranglers!


Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Experience

Experience scrumptious food, horse races, chicken chases, rivalries, rings of fire, rushing wagons, beautiful southern ladies, rings of fire, screaming crowds, stomping feet, live animals, a stunning patriotic salute and much more! Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede is a wonderful start to a grand vacation in Branson, Missouri.


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Whose Branson is it?

>Whose Branson is it?”  The phrase can be heard, “It’s not your grandma’s Branson anymore.” What does that mean and how can it possibly be true?

The Early Years

During the 1950s and 60s, folks visited the resort community exclusively during the summer months for the lakes, outdoor activities, and Marvel Cave (located at Silver Dollar City). At that time, many businesses were only open from June – August and the visitors mainly consisted of fishermen and their families. The outset of the entertainment industry started in 1959 when the Mabe brothers opened the first live music show, ‘Baldknobbers’, in downtown.

Going Out The Door, Branson

The Boom Years: 1990s – 2000s

A huge boost to the entertainment industry occurred in 1983 when Roy Clark built a theatre on the strip and invited top entertainers to perform on his stage while promoting nationally known artists to live and work in these sleepy hills. The industry skyrocketed as many of the founding families of entertainment built beautiful new facilities and performed on state of the art stages, including Andy Williams, Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, The Osmond Brothers, Tony Orlando, Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton, Loretta Lynn, The Radio City Rockettes, Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, Jim Stafford, Moe Bandy, Buck Trent, and the Gatlin Brothers. Another boost that brought our sleepy little town of Branson alive came in December of 1991 when 60 Minutes aired a special program declaring Branson the “Live Music Capital of the Universe”.


Going Out The Door, Branson

Winds of Change

The expansion of the entertainment and live music theatres during the boom years brought new business to the area and the visitor count continued to increase each year. Although families were still the primary visitors, the typical three month summer season extended from March until mid-December and demographics began to change. Retirees had the freedom to travel outside of the summer season and older groups began to arrive by coach. Grandmas were everywhere, enjoying and loving Branson!


The 2016 Boom

2016 is proving to be a banner investment year. A drive down the strip will prove that the face of this entertainment mecca is changing and there are more than a dozen new things to see and do to attract younger audiences. However, this doesn’t mean that families will be able to visit all year long and that there is nothing left for Grandma to do!


Going Out The Door, Branson

Who does Branson belong to?

I will tell you whose Branson it is; those who stand up and respect the American flag, take off their hats during a prayer and travel with multiple generations.  Hard working people who recognize wonderful hospitality, great value, wholesome family entertainment, and the beauty of the Ozark lakes and hills. Branson has always and will forever belong to families, veterans, students, newlyweds, and YES, the grandmas!

“Not your grandma’s Branson”?  The eloquent statement “Branson is a wonderful playground of fun and entertainment” by 60 Minutes stands as true today as it did twenty-five years ago, regardless of age.

“My parents taught their grandchildren to love live music by taking them to Branson in the 1980s. That’s when Branson was still asleep!” Angie Harris, Going Out The Door

Angie Roberts Harris

There’s Nuttin’ like a Dutton!

Going Out The Door, Dutton Entertainers in Branson, Branson MO, Branson Getaway

Located in the Ozark Mountain city of Branson, MO, you will find the Dutton Theatre Complex along the famous ‘76 Strip’.  Branson has a population of over 11k people and hosts a whopping 56k theatre seats which equal five seats for every local citizen.  There are over 50 individual theatres, many of them are owned by families. The Dutton family purchased the old Boxcar Willie Theatre, which is now their current complex, shortly after they entered the Branson scene over nineteen years ago.


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The Dutton Experience

Putting on a show

The Duttons ‘string you along’ for two wonderful hours with guitars, fiddles, mandolins, cellos, banjos and anything else with strings! Judith tickles and beats the ivories to back up the classical hillbillies while Jonathan plays his harmonica to add an incredibly soulful sound. Sit back and relax in the new cushy and comfortable theatre seats and be carried away!

Branson, There's Nuttin' like a Dutton!, Going Out the Door,2

Photo by Don Farquhar

Pick a genre

The different segments of the show flow smoothly from one genre to another. One minute the audience is listening to a lively song from the Beach Boys while tossing giant beach balls throughout the auditorium and the next minute they are tapping their toes to a Branson tradition of the ‘Orange Blossom Special’.You will love the diversity in their versions of ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ which is a beautiful country ballad, ‘When I Ruled The World’ by Coldplay, and the bluegrass folklore piece ‘Boil Them Cabbage Down’ aka ‘Bile Them Cabbage Down’. I am sure that song was originally sung by my dad!

‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’ sounds like an entire symphony, and the Steam Punk costumes add a fun twist.  If you do not care for a particular genre, don’t worry because a minute later, it will change!


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Photo by Don Farquhar

Searching for Hope

Amy performs a beautiful tribute to her five-year-old son, Josiah, who was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.  She sings her ‘Fight Song’ to a time-lapsed video of his journey as well as her father’s battle with cancer. This emotional segment is a perfect faith promoting an experience that portrays courage in the face of trial. The entire family is present on stage to sing and show their support and love for courageous little Josiah and father Dutton.


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Photo by Don Farquhar


Gone Loopy

The Duttons have performed classical music for decades and nearly every family member plays the multitude of instruments used in their show. Their signature performance includes all five siblings playing a different stringed instrument; every few seconds, they pass the instruments to the next person and loop around until every person has played each one. There are also a few special moves that you must see to believe. Awesome!

Tim plays an amazing classical piece by playing and recording an instrument for a few seconds and then playing it back while he records another. He does this with several instruments until the end result sounds like a full orchestra. I marveled that one person could create such a beautiful piece without other musicians in less than 2 minutes.


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Photo by Don Farquhar

Julio Says It All

What is a good bluegrass, classical, or steampunk performance worth if there is no comedy? Well, ‘Cousin Julio’ is a huge fan of the Duttons and appears on stage begging for a job. Jonathan refuses to hire him but Julio doesn’t speak English very well and decides that he is going to be part of the show. Although the family eventually offers him a job in the custodial department, Julio turns cleaning into a career of hilarious entertainment! You will fall in love with Julio and can even purchase a t-shirt in the gift shop to prove your admiration.‘The Duttons’ is a delightful, professional, and family-oriented show. I especially enjoyed the facial expressions of the cast, the bluegrass music, the captivating Amy during the classical piece, and the comedy of the very talented ‘Cousin Julio.” The family comes alive with a set of strings in their hands and love what they do! The aspect I remember most is the highly trained sound of the strings. Oh, and my new boyfriend, Julio!


Branson, There's Nuttin' like a Dutton!, Going Out the Door,6

Photo by Don Farquhar

“The Duttons are the most entertaining ‘Classical Hillbillies’ I’ve ever met!”
Angie Harris, www.GoingOutTheDoor.com

Three brothers, two sisters, and fifteen children comprise the cast of the Dutton show that can be seen most nights at 8:00 p.m. from early April through the first week of December. The theatre complex is located in the ‘neighborhood of the stars’ on the 76 strip in Branson. The Duttons also own and manage the Dutton Inn located directly behind the theatre, and ‘Abby’s Tourist Trap’ next to the front entrance.

The Duttons
3454 W 76 Country Blvd
Branson, MO 65616

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