Raising our family in Branson, where we were surrounded by beautiful hills and lakes and never-ending sources of entertainment, was awesome! Our grown children still look forward to coming home for a visit to our amazing ‘retreat in the hills’. If you are considering a vacation or planning a reunion, Branson is a wonderful family destination! Let me answer a few questions that will help place Branson on your priority list:

1. Is it safe?

My grandchildren look forward to visiting and I have a great time taking them shopping, playing in the water parks, lakes, and creeks, and seeing the shows. I have traveled to other places where I would not risk venturing with the children on my own, but I have roamed these hills for thirty years without any safety issues. Besides taking normal safety precautions, I feel it’s a safe place for families and a popular destination for student group travel due to the safety factor.


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2. What are the lodging options?

The Ozarks host a large variety of lodging options, ranging from national-brand hotels,
family-owned accommodations, resorts, campgrounds, lodges, etc. with pricing to fit your needs and budget. While prices vary greatly, you can still get an awesome room for $90 night. Many of these places are nestled among the scenic nature and offer fun activities.   There are over 16k hotel rooms and 2,800 campsites in the area.


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3. What is there to see and do?

The setting is breathtaking! Rolling hills covered with various trees and flowers along with fascinating rock formations create picture-perfect moments at every corner. The beautiful, clean, warm water of Table Rock Lake covers over 43,000 acres and offers a visitors center, marina, recreational water rentals, awesome fishing, biking and hiking trails, campsites, and tours of the dam. You won’t want to miss the incredible sunsets! Lake Taneycomo runs through downtown and is famous for trout fishing. The water in this lake is the bottom tailwater of Table Rock Lake from the dam spillway and the average temperate is 48 degrees. In the morning and days end, the fog often rolls in on the lake and can be seen from the Landing and other areas.

There is plenty to do and it certainly takes more than one trip to enjoy all that Branson has to offer. Silver Dollar City Theme Park, White Water, Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama, museums, golf courses, shopping, and over 100 options for live entertainment variety show, just to name a few! Most of these activities will accommodate and are enjoyed by every age group. Discounts are also offered for groups over fifteen.


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4. What is the best part of Branson?

Hands down, it is the hospitality! The people are the kindest, most helpful, and patriotic people you will find anywhere and veterans are especially honored and welcomed. My daughter noticed the difference in hospitality while we were traveling in another state on one occasion and commented: “they don’t seem happy that we are here.”  Wow, what a profound statement from a child! As the saying goes, ‘You go to Branson for everything there is to see and do but you return because of the people’. ROCK stands for Real Ozark Country Kindness!


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Branson is surrounded by amazing theaters with state of the art sound systems inside and beautiful art outside.

“Branson, MO, where the grass is a little greener, the air is little sweeter, the people are a little kinder, and where you and your family feel like you belong!“

Angie Harris, Going Out the Door.com

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