Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is one of Disney World’s newest and hottest rides and is located within Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Queue 

The wait for this virtual reality ride is usually one to three hours (sometimes longer). Although the queue moves quickly, it is quite a long journey! The line stops for 15-20 seconds at a time and then moves about 20 steps before stopping again.

As guests advance into the mountain, they travel through cave settings and scenes of the movie while anticipating the boarding area which is past the lab. There are dozens of amazing photo opportunities along the way and the jaw-dropping displays seem to make the wait shorter!



Following through the mountain and laboratory, riders arrive in the training area where they are prepared to receive a personal avatar and meet their own banshee! Everyone is checked for contamination and compatibility prior to being linked to an avatar.

Avatar- Flight of Passage, Going Out The Door, Disney, Ride Queue



Boarding encompasses two rows of 8 guests each and all personal items are placed on a shelf upon entry. Sitting on a banshee is like straddling a motorcycle that feels like it is breathing! There is a tight safety strap and a brace is placed on the small of the back and legs for security. Although the other riders and banshees are visible, each person rides single and all the banshees face an impressively large screen ready for adventure!

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Time to Fly!

Put on 3D glasses and soar alongside other banshees and avatars over beautiful waterfalls, whales and other sea creatures, monkeys, and herds of buffalo and horses as this visually stunning experience comes to life! The drops, spirals, and flights over water and through trees are very realistic. Be on the lookout for a spray while skimming the surface of a beach!

The ride has movement but it is not a roller coaster. Once the video has started, scared riders can close their eyes at any time.

Avatar- Flight Of Passage, Going Out the Door, Disney, Pandora


True to Disney flair, guests exit the ride through a gift shop full of braided vines and nature. For a mere $65.00, guests can choose their very own banshee through a series of hand movements and sounds from the rookery. Awesome banshees ride on the shoulders of their proud owners throughout the park!

Avatar- Flight Of Passage, Going Out the Door, Disney, Pandora, Banshee Rookery

I do not love the Avatar movie but the ride definitely motivated me to watch it again. My family rated Avatar Flight of Passage a 10 out of 10 and even our non-riders were delighted to ride it over and over again!