What food should I store?

One morning years ago, my family awoke to a heavy snow storm and school was canceled. We stayed in our pajamas and were having fun watching movies and playing games when I decided to make banana bread. I quickly mashed the overripe bananas and mixed the dry ingredients but when I reached into the fridge for the eggs, I found that we were completely out!

Nothing eats up budget and time quite like the last minute, emergency run to the grocery store. Here are some tips on buying and storing basic food items:


Buy an extra gallon or two when you find milk at a great price. Fill mason jars 3/4 full and then freeze (use whatever size jars best fit your needs). The jars thaw quickly and the milk tastes awesome!

Powdered/Instant Milk

I prefer to use Thrive Life Instant Milk Powder because it is very easy to use, tastes great, instantly dissolves in water at any temperature, and is safe for drinking and cooking. Thrive Life products are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, have no MSG and have no hydrogenated oils, preservatives, or artificial flavors or colors whenever possible. Unopened cans store for 25 years and opened cans are good for two years.




Bread can easily be stored in the freezer! Double bag the bread using Ziploc type freezer bags or vacuum seal. This is an especially good option for one or two people.



Opened flour sitting on a shelf is only good for about three months. Flour purchased from the store can be stored in the freezer for at least two years. Flour sealed in cans from a reputable food storage outlet lasts around five years.


Around Easter, eggs can be found at greatly reduced prices in the grocery stores. To store fresh eggs, simply crack two or more eggs into a storage bag, squish them together like making scrambled eggs, and then lay the bag flat in the freezer. Once the small baggies are frozen, store several of them together in a larger bag for added freshness. The frozen eggs thaw quickly but if you are in a hurry, run them under warm water. Great for a quick breakfast or in recipes!


Whole Egg Powder

A sealed can of Whole Egg Powder stays fresh for up to three years and an open can will last up to one year. The powder is easy to use and Thrive has an eggcellent product!


Like so many other products, I buy extra cheese when it is on sale. Place the cheese in freezer bags, lay them flat, and stack them in the freezer. Sam’s Club sells 5# bags of mozzarella for a great price. I split the cheese into ‘pizza’ sized portions which are convenient and perfect for a quick meal.

Freeze Dried Cheese

The shelf life for shredded, freeze-dried cheese is up to 20 years and is a great product for emergencies! Add water and the cheese reconstitutes like magic and melts while baking. Although pricey to use all the time, the cheese is worth the cost of convenience. Overall, I give it 5 stars!




Cereal is on sale most of the time and coupons are abundant. Like all the other products, cereal freezes! The actual boxes gather moisture in the freezer so you will need to take the bags out and lay flat to freeze. Cereal stored in the freezer is good for several years. Look for sales, purchase extra food that your family uses on a consistent basis, and store in the freezer whenever possible. Consider Thrive products for your long-term storage needs as the company does a fabulous job of growing and preserving healthy and naturally vine ripened food.

Food for Thought:  If you were to end up without a job for 90 days, how would you feed your family?