The Entertainment Formula

Oh my goodness, the Presleys’ Country Jubilee, what a hoot!   It’s been over 50 years since the Presley family began their musical journey on the strip in Branson, MO.  Although I have seen this show several times, their entertainment formula keeps me coming back for more.  

The Main Ingredient is Comedy

Gary Presley sets the stage as Herkimer.   He has held this role for over 50 years and perfected it—but the funny sets in tight when his son takes the stage (Eric Presley) as Cecil.  The two feed off each other, and frankly, it’s comedy genius.  There are so many times that you do not know for sure, is that scripted, or are they just ad-libbing?  Either way, I am so invested I fell for it.  Seeing these two in action would be worth the total ticket price.  But, if you are lucky, you will see the third generation.  (Ben Presley, son of Eric) as Little Cecil.  When Little Cecil rolls onto the scene, it is… game, set match!  Obviously, they are family, love each other, and have committed to picking on each other for a lifetime. It works!  The cast all chime in as the comedy choir to push this dynamic trio into hysterics.

This generational gift varies from eyebrow popping and soda spewing to mouth dropping.  Most of the time, you never see it coming.  Sometimes it makes you ask, “did they just say that?”. 

They are hands down the funniest and most entertaining team in all comedy. 

They Bring Out The Music In You

The Presleys are committed to their tradition and stay right on the mark with their music choices.  They are country, gospel, patriotic, and mostly, songs we all know the lyrics to and want to sing.  The family has surrounded themselves with true musicians who can play many instruments and sing.  It’s such a mixed feeling for me.  The cast is over the top professional, but when they sing, it’s like you are sitting in your home surrounded by friends who blow you out of the water.  When you look around, everyone is singing with the cast, and you can see the nostalgia in their eyes.  It’s like the entertainers draw you into their world.  

The Costumes

Ok ladies, as they say, I bet that dress makes a heck of a noise in the dryer!   Wow, this cast is blinged up!  They have the traditional suit/ performer costumes they all wear (with a ton of bling attached) that are traditional.  When they feature the individual performers, they get to shine in their own choices, and everyone in the building notices!  I catch myself waiting for the next dress, shoes, boots, earrings, or jacket.  The costumes are on the mark with their tradition… and over the mark with wow! 

Things You Won’t Find At the Presleys’ Country Jubilee

This show is not over-produced; very few dance moves, no low spots, and no stress.  It’s obvious they all get along and love what they do.  The focus of Presleys’ Country Jubilee is the music, the comedy, and the cast.  When all these elements are in play, it makes sense that they connect to the audience.  

If I had to play favorites and say what I loved the most, it would be for sure, the comedy team. But, a close second would be the voice of Ambrus Presley and Greg Presley on the harmonica. It truly is a winning formula.

I highly recommend purchasing a season pass and seeing the Presley family every time you are in Branson.  Then you can be a part of the Presley family entertainment tradition.