Orlando is gobbling up the spooky season so it is no surprise that the big three have stepped up to the plate with their own special versions of Halloween! I love that they are staying true to their own brands and audiences and here is a peek at what to expect from Orlando’s top theme parks: 

Going Out the Door, Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights


Horror Nights at Universal Studios

People who want the animal crackers scared out of them choose to attend Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort. This event happens on select nights from September 16th through October 31st, 2016 and requires a separate ticket. Please verify pricing and availability.


Going Out the Door, Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights 2


Activities included in event ticket: 

  • Scare Zones: These sections of the park are filled with horrifying scare-actors like hordes of mutants, monsters, zombies, and maniacs. They are NOT afraid and WILL chase and grab you or follow you around with a chainsaw.
  • Haunted Houses: There are nine themed houses: American Horror Story; The Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Walking Dead; The Exorcist; Halloween: Hell Comes To Haddonfield; Krampus; Lunatics Playground 3D-You Won’t Stand A Chance; Ghost Town: The Curse Of Lightning Gulch; Tomb Of The Ancients. Universal is a movie studio with access to amazing designers and technology.
  • Live Shows: Take a break from the scare zones and visit the Academy of Villains: House of Fear. Do not relax, however, because the inmates have escaped and are running the asylum! Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure is a party and these crazy guys skewer the biggest names in politics, show business, and pop culture.
  • Rides: Six thrilling rides are included in the Horror Nights package! Transformers – The Ride 3D; Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit; Revenge Of The Mummy; Men In Black Alien Attack; The Simpsons Ride; Harry Potter And The Escape From Gringotts.

Going Out the Door, Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights 3


Activities requiring an additional fee:

  • Rip Tours: Terrifying scare-actors lead you through a scary tour of horrors. You may want to bring several great friends for support!
  • Behind-the-Screams Tours: This lights-on tour is an eerie glimpse of how the biggest names in horror are transformed into haunted houses by Universal Orlando’s Art & Design Team.
  • The Repository: This is an experimental journey combining fear and virtual reality to create a psychological horror event that shakes your very core. Universal scare-actors liven this experience and you will re-think this venture for days!

Going Out the Door, Universal Orlando, Halloween Horror Nights 4


Halloween Horror Nights are appropriately named and persons under the age of thirteen are not recommended. Costumes and masks are not allowed. If you love the thrill of being extremely frightened then Halloween Horror Nights are for you!! Be warned that mistreating the scare-actors may result in being sent home in a body bag. We managed to make it out alive- barely!

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