Burglar be warned!  It was a summer day and I was working from home.  The house was clean, the beds were made, the sun was pouring in through the windows, and the bread pudding was bubbling in the crockpot. The world seemed bright and beautiful as I prepared to deliver the bread to my husband’s office for a potluck that evening, one and a half miles away. My mind was on blogging as I took the crock pot out to the car in the parking garage of our Houston, Texas apartment.

Going Out The Door, Entertaining a Burglar


On my way back from the delivery, I stopped at the front office of the apartment building to schedule an appointment with maintenance to program our alarm code. We had moved in nine days earlier and the alarm had not been set. My total excursion took about twenty minutes and I was singing as I walked in the door, dragging a wagon and being anything but quiet. I noticed a deadbolt sitting on the kitchen counter and my first thought was that maintenance had been working in the apartment.  However, I also noticed boxes in the living room and as I moved toward the bedroom, the entire place had been ‘tossed’.  My heart pounded in my head and I suddenly felt that I was in a dangerous situation and became emotionally compromised.

We had been burglarized! The burglars were able to steal some of our most important assets because we made it easy for them:


Going Out The Door, Entertaining a Burglar 2


1.   Identity:

I had been working before I left and was still signed in to several
accounts on our computers such as online banking, accounting software, social
media, and email. Evidently, the burglars watched me leave and quickly accessed
the computer before it went into sleep mode. I immediately called the bank and had
our accounts closed and there was evidence from the accounting software that the
burglars had tried to move money but did not have the password. Thank goodness
it was not saved on my computer! I was terrified at the thought of being watched
and it was several days before I realized all the accounts they had managed to


Going Out The Door, Entertaining a Burglar 3

2. Memories:

I knew it was important to back up my computer but had not accomplished
the task, which was the worst mistake I made. All of our precious memories for the past four years were gone! Vacations, graduations, new babies, and weddings to name a few,
and I think of more pictures every day (this is where you cry with me.) My miracle
journal was also stored on the computer; I recorded the miracles in my life and in the
lives of those around me and I hope the burglars found it to be good reading!

3. Jewelry:

While I am not a huge jewelry person, I had a few nice, sentimental pieces that were very valuable to me, including my wedding ring.  I had all my jewelry in one, easy to find box, and I bet it took the burglars less than ten seconds to pillage. Heartbreaking!

Going Out The Door, Entertaining a Burglar 4

4. Security:

I had trouble sleeping at night for several weeks after the burglary and I was
petrified to walk into the apartment for fear of someone being inside. I checked my
e-mail, social media, and other accounts daily to see if they had gained access again. I
did not feel safe because the burglars knew everything about me; my home, thoughts
from my journal, what my family looked like, our financial information, address,
even my dirty clothes! I was a victim.

Going Out The Door, Entertaining a Burglar 5

The burglars were very thorough. They searched behind and tossed through everything, flipped mattresses, and didn’t forget minute details like turning the pages of my scriptures looking for cash. I didn’t understand why they only went through two-thirds of the closet until the police explained that it appeared I had walked in and interrupted them before they were finished. The ending of this story could have been very different and although I lost many irreplaceable items, I was protected and had not been hurt for which I am grateful.“Protect your family, your home, and your assets. Don’t make easy work for a burglar! – Angie Harris, Going Home Surveys show that one in thirty-six homes will be burglarized.