Disney songs and sayings are a part of my family! We sing ‘A Spoonful Of Sugar’ when giving our babies medicine, ‘Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?’ while putting away forks from the dishwasher, and with just the right Thumper voice we remind our children, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”. Our trips to Disney World are an extension of the love we have for the messages found in the Disney movies and an escape from the mundane and daily challenges of life. Each time I walk through the park gates, the remarkable music transports me to the happy Disney memories of raising my children! Times we went to Disney and shared small things, like Dole Whip.

Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World

Disney Tradition

On our last night of every Disney World vacation, we have an honored tradition; we go to the Magic Kingdom, enjoy one more scrumptious Dole Whip, and watch the parade and fireworks. On our way out, we visit the Emporium for last minute treasures before going back to the real world.


We have collected meaningful treasures over the years such as jewelry, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, and of course, clothes and bags. The one special item that I crave and have always wished I could take home, however, is a Dole Whip. If I lived close to Disney, I would be the Dole Whip Queen! The first time we took the grands, it was awesome to discover that our little princes and princesses love Dole Whip as much as Nana Gigi and also belong to Dole Whip royalty!


Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World


I recently received two surprise packages from my oldest son, Jesse, and his family. I opened the biggest box first and found a Cuisinart soft serve ice cream maker. Well, ice cream is at the top of my favorite list and I was thrilled. The next gift made me cry. To my amazement and shock, it was a large bag of Dole Whip soft serve. I had no idea that you could make your own Dole Whip!


Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World

Our first batch of Dole Whip was incredible. The entire kitchen smelled like pineapple and brought back every sticky sweet memory! I give the machine and the product mix 5 stars and highly recommend both products. We have also used other various ice cream recipes with yummy results.


Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World

Blustery Days

Now, on gloomy days when I am having dreamy thoughts of the happiest place on earth, I turn on a Disney movie, crank out my magical Dole Whip machine, and pretend I am at the Magic Kingdom.  It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!


Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World

Almost done!

A huge thank you to Jesse, Jennifer, Admiral, and Ana for the wonderful surprise! The most precious gifts of memories and happiness will never be forgotten. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For the rest of my readers, I have found an equally creative gift for Jesse.  I am excited and can hardly wait to give it to him and share my creative idea with you. Coming in June of 2017 unless I cannot stand myself and give it to him early! 


Dole Whip, Going Out The Door, Disney World

Thank you, Jesse, Jennifer, Admiral, and Ana. I am thankful to share this love for Disney and Dole Whip!

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