A short getaway was exactly what we needed one cloudy, mid-February Saturday! Our schedules and funds didn’t allow for much time away or heavy spending so we decided to make the 210-mile drive to relax and explore in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Here are 4 points of our awesome ‘get away’ adventure:

Hotel DeVille

A Corpus Christi treasure! Typically, our hotels of choice are national brands with indoor hallways and elevators. The Hotel Deville has no elevators or ground floor rooms (it stands on piers), and seems more like a weekly rental establishment from the outside. Honestly, we second guessed our choice while walking up the stairs; however, once through the doors, we instantly changed our minds. It is a stone’s throw from the North Beach and we had a beautiful view, not to mention that the beds were amazing!


Corpus Cristi, Texas Hotel Deville


USS Lexington, “The Blue Ghost.”

The US Navy aircraft carrier proudly served our country during World War II and is now an
impressive museum. I must admit, I was moved to tears more than once and felt a spiritual resonance. Wow! I loved it and would definitely visit again. We toured the museum for about an hour and a half and wished we could stay longer.  It’s amazing to find such a historical artifact parked on the beach in Corpus Christi.


The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, Texas, Beach Getaway, Going Out The Door



Fajitavilla with its never-ending party and live music is another Corpus Christi gem. The restaurant shares the same parking lot as the Hotel Deville and is inches from the beach. The quesadilla I ordered left something to be desired, but the rest of the family enjoyed their smoking, sizzling fajitas. Mr. Man said he would surely go back!  The music bands on the deck rocking along with the sounds of crashing waves refresh your soul.

Fajitaville, Corpus Christi Texas, Beach Getaway, Going Out The Door


A large t-shirt and beach junk shop are across the street from the hotel.

Plenty of itsy-bitsy bikinis, towels, t-shirts, and anything you may need for a day at the beach is
available. I am sure they keep very busy during spring break!  All of these activities are within walking distance of the Hotel DeVille. Check-in, take advantage of the free parking, and go play!

We visited the ship, ate fajitas, flew kites, played in the sand, walked on the sidewalk along the beach, and soaked up the sun in just over 24 hours (including the 3 ½  drive each way). Corpus Christi provided a wonderful, inexpensive getaway, and we felt rejuvenated and ready to go back to work!

Going Out the Door, Corpus Cristi Texas, Beach Getaway

“A day at the beach is rejuvenating. Add a book and a kite and you will be off on a fantastic adventure!”
Angie Harris, Going Out the Door
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