As the lights dim and the stage comes alive in the heart of Branson, Missouri, an extraordinary experience awaits at “Legends in Concert,” a show that is less of a performance and more of a journey through the annals of musical history. This tribute show is a unique opportunity to relive the magic of some of the most iconic entertainers ever to grace the world stage, singing their top hits that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions.


“Legends in Concert” is not just any show; it’s a meticulously crafted trip through time designed to celebrate the legacy of musical giants. The show’s format is dynamic, changing with the seasons to bring fresh and exciting experiences to audiences year-round. For the spring of 2024, the lineup in Branson is nothing short of spectacular, featuring tributes to Elvis Presley, The Blues Brothers, and The Temptations. Each act is a testament to the enduring appeal of these legendary performers, meticulously brought to life by some of the most talented impersonators in the industry.


Elvis Presley: The King Lives On

The energy in the room is palpable as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll takes the stage. Elvis’s segment is a vibrant homage to his timeless hits, complete with the charisma and charm that made him a global icon. The performer captures Elvis’s essence, from his unique vocal style to his legendary hip-shaking moves, transporting the audience back to the golden era of rock and roll.


Elvis in his blue jumpsuit on stage at the Legends in Concert Branson, MO.

The Blues Brothers: A Soulful Revival

As the spotlight shifts, the unmistakable sound of Chicago blues fills the air. The Blues Brothers tribute is a high-octane performance that captures the spirit of Jake and Elwood Blues. Dressed in their iconic suits and sunglasses, the duo delivers a powerhouse performance that is both entertaining and nostalgic, reminding us of the enduring legacy of this beloved act.


The Blues Brothers with their back up dancers dressed like police officers.


The Temptations: Harmonies That Move the Soul

The show takes a soulful turn with a tribute to The Temptations, one of Motown’s most revered groups. The performers recreate the smooth harmonies and classic moves that made The Temptations a household name. Songs like “My Girl” and “Just My Imagination” are brought to life with such authenticity that it’s easy to forget you’re watching a tribute and not the original group.


The Temptations singing on stage.


A Reflection of Hard Work and Talent

What makes “Legends in Concert” truly remarkable is the dedication of its performers. They do more than impersonate; they pay homage to the artists who worked tirelessly to create a name for themselves. Each performance reflects that hard work, a celebration of talent that has shaped the music landscape as we know it.

As a fan of music and history, I find the tributes entertaining and deeply moving. There’s something special about witnessing the legacy of these musical legends being kept alive by such talented performers. “Legends in Concert” is more than just a show; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the artists who have given us so much.


Elvis dressed in military uniform


Experience the Magic of Music History

Whether you’re a lifelong fan of these musical icons or experiencing their magic for the first time, “Legends in Concert” in Branson is an experience not to be missed. It’s a show that transcends generations, bringing together fans from all walks of life to celebrate the power of music. So, if you find yourself in Branson this spring, don’t miss the chance to travel through time with “Legends in Concert.” It’s not just a performance; it’s a journey through the heart of music history.


The Blue Brothers recreate the bar scene from the movie.


Behind the Curtain: The Legends in Concert Backstage Tour

For those who seek a deeper connection with the magic of live performances, the Legends in Concert Backstage Tour in Branson offers an unparalleled glimpse into the world behind the spotlight. This exclusive experience goes beyond the music, giving fans a rare opportunity to delve into the intricate world of stage production and meet the stars who bring these iconic figures to life.


A Symphony of Technology: Lighting and Sound

The tour begins with a look at the cutting-edge technology that shapes each performance. Guests have the unique chance to explore the lighting and sound designs up close, discovering the detailed work that goes into creating the show’s atmosphere. From the dazzling light displays to the crystal-clear sound that fills the theater, you’ll gain an appreciation for the technical artistry that supports the talents on stage.


Personal Encounters: Meet the Stars

One of the tour’s highlights is meeting the entertainers themselves. Imagine stepping into the dressing rooms where the stars prepare for their performances, surrounded by costumes and makeup that transform them into the musical legends you adore. This intimate experience allows fans to see the dedication and passion of the performers up close, creating a personal connection that enhances the enjoyment of the show.


Up close with Elvis in his dressing room.


The View from the Stage


Experience the thrill of standing on the iconic Legends in Concert stage with the curtain open, gazing out at the auditorium just as the performers do. This moment offers a performer’s perspective of the venue, allowing you to feel the anticipation and excitement that comes with facing an audience. It’s a rare chance to stand in the shoes of your favorite artists, if only for a moment.



The audience during intermission at the Legends in Concert.


Behind the Scenes with the Crew


The backstage tour also includes visiting the crew, the unsung heroes of every performance. Guests will learn about the myriad tasks that go into putting on a show, from stage management to costume changes. This behind-the-scenes view highlights the teamwork and precision required to ensure that every performance is flawless.


A Special Souvenir


To commemorate your backstage experience, each guest receives a special Legends in Concert lanyard and an exclusive T-shirt. These mementos are a way to remember your visit and a badge of honor that shows you’ve seen the magic from the inside.


Perfect for Families


If you’re visiting Branson with children, the backstage tour offers a fun and educational glimpse into the world of live entertainment. Kids and adults alike will be fascinated by the behind-the-scenes view of how a show comes together, making it a perfect addition to a family vacation.




The Legends in Concert Backstage Tour is more than just a walk behind the curtain; it’s an immersive experience that brings fans closer to the heart of live entertainment. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of these musical icons or looking for a unique addition to your Branson itinerary, this tour promises an unforgettable journey into music, technology, and artistry. Don’t miss your chance to see the magic from the inside and take home memories that will last a lifetime.