Tucked away in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, The Cabins combine that classic camping vibe with all the modern comforts for which Disney is known.  Boasting many amenities designed to cater to visitors of all ages, The Cabins provide an unforgettable vacation experience bound to create lasting memories.




Wilderness Whispers & Disney Dreams!


We discovered that the cabins offer more amenities than the typical hotel room. The biggest deal for us is that you can conveniently park next to your cabin’s door, making loading and unloading your vehicle super easy. This is an added bonus for those driving to the parks or other Orlando destinations. Moreover, parking fees are waived when you stay at a Disney property, allowing you to drive to the parks if you’d rather skip public transport.

The cabins provide ways to save money. While there isn’t an oven, the cabin features a stovetop, charcoal grill, and microwave, making it simple to whip up breakfast or prepare sandwiches on days you decide to skip the parks. 

Sleeping accommodations include a bedroom with a snug queen-sized bed against one wall and a bunk bed set against the opposite wall. The living area houses a pull-out couch, though it might not be the most comfortable option for everyone.

Each cabin also boasts a nice-sized deck with a picnic table and extra parking for a golf cart. Plus, if you’re seeking some tranquility, you’ll find the cabins much quieter than regular hotels.


Interior view of a well-furnished cabin at Disney's Fort Wilderness Cozy living room with rustic decor at Disney's Fort Wilderness Cabin


Splash & Soak: Disney’s Wilderness Oasis!


When it comes to relaxation and recreation, the resort leaves no stone unturned. Guests can bask in the sun beside two beautiful pools; one is designed as a quiet pool, and one is more active with a game room, a slide, and a snack bar.

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing swim or a serene lounge, these pools cater to all preferences. The delightfully inviting hot tubs offer a soothing soak under the stars, perfect for unwinding after a day of walking on concrete.  Since these pools are not in the middle of a hotel, the sound is not horrible to most of the campsites or cabins.  The pool hours for the quiet pool are from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.  The extra-long pool hours are very nice.

There’s also a place to rent canoes on a small inland lake or pontoon boats on the Seven Seas Lagoon.  There’s enough to do here to keep you busy for weeks on end!



Vibrant pool and hot tub area with ample seating at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.




Treasures & Trinkets: Wilderness Shopping


For those with a penchant for retail therapy, the shopping options at Fort Wilderness are a delightful surprise. The Trading Post, a rustic emporium, stocks an array of merchandise that ranges from camping gear and groceries to Disney-themed memorabilia. This ensures that guests have easy access to essentials and souvenirs alike, all within the enchanting backdrop of the wilderness.  We picked up a couple of beach towels to take to the pool.  They were cute and fit the theme.


Bites & Delights: Dining Disney Wilderness Style!


Culinary desires are also well-served at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground dining establishments. The Hoop-De-Doo Musical Revue presents a raucous dinner show that combines hearty Southern fare with uproarious entertainment, promising a rollicking good time for the whole family. Trail’s End Restaurant also offers a quick service option with comfort food classics, catering to even the heartiest of appetites. And for those who prefer to dine in the comfort of their cabins, the fully-equipped kitchens provide the means to whip up a home-cooked meal …minus the oven.  


We dined in the cabin multiple times, and even without an oven, our meals were fantastic. One evening, we whipped up some sautéed shrimp on the stove and paired it with a pasta dish from a box and a fresh salad. It turned out amazing!  And, of course, it saved some cash to use on other things. 

Log-built restaurants at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.


Saddle Up, Wranglers!


The equestrian spirit of Fort Wilderness truly comes alive with its horseback riding experiences. Exploring the lush wilderness atop a majestic horse is a unique way to immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Both beginners and experienced riders can enjoy guided trail rides that wind through the scenic landscapes, ensuring a memorable connection with the great outdoors.  My family thoroughly enjoyed this quiet experience in the middle of all the Disney excitement.  


The experience costs $55 per person, and while reservations are recommended, they’re not mandatory. There are a lot of horses around, and it’s a pretty chill outing.



Transportation: Navigating the Wilderness


Renting a golf cart when you’re outdoors adds convenience and a dash of fun to your journey. Zipping through the vast campground becomes simple, letting families discover various facilities with an added thrill. What’s especially magical is seeing the decorated carts. It’s a delight to witness the creativity and effort people put in to elevate their vacation experience.


Besides the golf carts (which you’ll probably want to try out), a complimentary bus service runs within the campground. A central bus hub at the entrance can take you to any Disney property, and at the campground’s end, there’s a boat to take you over the water to the Magic Kingdom. However, a golf cart is super handy for reaching these transit points.



Starbursts on Sand: Disney’s Beachfront Fireworks!


Undoubtedly, one of the most captivating features of The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground is the spectacular Magic Kingdom fireworks display that lights up the night sky. This famous site can be seen from the serene sandy beachfront while sitting in a chair. As the colors burst and dance, casting a magical glow over the water, families, and friends gather to witness this enchanting spectacle, creating a shared experience that captures the essence of Disney’s charm.


Fireworks illuminating the night sky above the sandy beach at Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground.



Nestled in Nature, Steps from Magic: The Perfect Spot!



In terms of location, The Cabins offer the best of both worlds. Tucked away in a serene woodland setting, guests can revel in the tranquility of nature and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Yet, they are also just a stone’s throw away from the magic of Disney’s theme parks, allowing for effortless transitions between rustic relaxation and whimsical adventure. This strategic positioning ensures that guests can explore the surrounding natural beauty and indulge in Disney’s world-class entertainment without compromising on either front.


However, it’s important to note that such a remarkable escape into nature’s embrace and Disney’s embrace does come with a price. The cost of staying at The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground can vary based on factors such as the time of year and the type of cabin chosen. While the price might be higher compared to other accommodations, the unique blend of outdoor living and modern comforts, coupled with the access to Disney’s legendary theme parks and amenities, make it a worthwhile investment for many families.


Chip ‘n Dales Firewide Sing-a-long


Disney’s Fort Wilderness offers a delightful evening at the Sing-a-Long Fireside. More than just a typical campfire gathering, it’s a whimsical blend of songs, stories, and classic Disney tunes led by engaging cast members and beloved Disney characters like Chip and Dale. As dusk turns to night and stars shimmer, the atmosphere shifts to the “Movie Under the Stars” segment, where guests can revel in a Disney film amidst the serene backdrop of the outdoors. There’s the timeless treat of s’mores to make the evening even more special. You have the option to bring your own s’mores ingredients or, for added convenience, purchase a kit right on-site. This magical fusion of tradition and Disney magic offers a cherished experience for attendees of all ages.


Overall, The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground provide a truly exceptional vacation experience that combines the rustic allure of camping with the modern amenities and enchantment that Disney is renowned for. From pools and hot tubs to shopping, dining, horseback riding, golf cart rentals, and the mesmerizing fireworks at the beach, every facet of this resort is meticulously designed to create an unforgettable stay. While the cost might be higher, the unique blend of outdoor living, entertainment, and convenience makes it a worthwhile choice for families seeking a magical escape that bridges the gap between the natural world and the enchanting realm of Disney.