A Spoonful of Energy in 2020

Spoons measure energy

I’ll take a spoonful of energy, please. How many times have you started your day by taking inventory of your spoons?  The spoon theory describes mental and physical energy and helps us understand why we do or don’t do certain things.  Basically, a spoon is a unit of energy.  2020 has been a spoon thief… Read more »

Time for a Mammogram

Once a year, like clockwork, I stop and go in for what I lovingly refer to as my annual squeeze and peak, or as you may call it, a mammogram.  I do not think twice about it.  As I leave that appointment, I schedule the following year and keep that same appointment.  It’s a priority.… Read more »

It’s Complicated: Lines in the Sand

Dad and daughter in the 1960s in front of red Comet

There’s never been a bigger understatement than the social media status ‘it’s complicated’. When it comes to men in my life ‘it’s complicated’ started earlier than I have memories.  When I look back over the years, I can draw lines in the sand at the events that changed the trajectory of my world.  The lines… Read more »

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